About Us

Nursanlar Holding was established in 1980 as a parent company but its roots go back to the 1970’s given that quite a few of its subsidiaries were formed then.

For almost 60 years Nursanlar Holding has been part of the Turkish industrial life. In the 1970’s, in parallel with the development of the domestic automotive industry Nursanlar Holding, has entered this sector with its companies specialized mainly in following areas: instrument clusters, wire harnesses and metal parts.

Nursanlar Holding has been founded in 1980 with the aim of uniting under one umbrella all its companies operating in the automotive industry. The main purpose of Nursanlar Holding consists in finding suitable investments as well as providing support to its subsidiaries in terms of financing, organizational and management solutions.

In 2012 Nursanlar Holding has expanded its activities into the construction sector with its Nursanlar Construction subsidiary and is now involved in a few large residential as well as commercial construction projects in the Greater Istanbul area.

Contact Us

Nursanlar Holding
Kuştepe, Leylak Sokak No: 1
Şişli, 34387 Istanbul, Turkey
T: +90 212 212 07 26
F: +90 212 212 07 25
E: nursanlar@nursanlar.com